The Story

Bringing back the functionality to a gentleman’s pocket

For many years the Pocket Square was a must-have accessory for every true gent, used for catching sneezes, mopping brows and occasionally wiping the tears of a distressed damsel. But times have changed, and nowadays the gentlemen’s pocket square is simply a fashion accessory worn by only a few (very stylish) men.

Well our story is simple, we wanted to bring back the functionality that is long lost from a gentleman’s pocket, but with a modern-day twist. In a world with handheld computers and smart watches there is a new niche for the Pocket Square, the need to clean our filthy gadgets and glasses.

With this in mind, our Pocket Squares are made from a high quality Microfiber that is luxurious to touch but perfect for effortlessly removing smears and fingerprints from our devices, eyewear, camera lenses and more.

Our very first collection of Multifunctional Pocket Squares includes 6 individual double sided designs, in an assortment of classic and contemporary styles and colours. Each of our Pocket Squares have been named after famous squares in our home city of London, and we predict our Pocket Squares will become as iconic as their namesake.